Prowler near Volunteer Park arrested after shooting at officers

SEATTLE — Reports of a prowler peering in windows and trying to break into homes in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood led to shots fired at officers followed by a search and arrest.

Seattle police said dispatchers received a series of calls about a prowler in the Volunteer Park area Sunday night.

At 7:40 p.m., a resident in the 1400 block of East Ward Street called 911 to report a man wearing a trench coat and a bucket hat walking around a neighbor’s house, peering through windows. The suspect drove away in a black sedan before officers arrived.

About an hour later, a caller in the 1600 block of Federal Avenue East reported seeing a man matching the same description in her backyard. She said she saw a black sedan driving up and down her block.

Ten minutes later, police received an alarm call at a home in the same block. The homeowner’s security system recorded footage of a man in a bucket hat and a trench coat walking around the house before breaking a window with a rock. The suspect left the home before officers arrived.


At 10:05 p.m., officers spotted a black Dodge sedan near 14th Avenue East and East Mercer Street. It was driving in the center of the road with its hazard lights flashing.

As officers were about to stop the car, the driver fired two shots at them out of the driver’s side window and then drove off, according to a Seattle Police Department blotter post. No officers were hit.

Police from several precincts flooded the area to search for the shooter. Officers found the car in the 1100 block of 15th Avenue East, and saw a man get out and run between two houses.

Police set up a perimeter and began searching for the man. Shortly before midnight, officers found him, and after a brief negotiation, took him into custody.

The 58-year-old man was booked into King County Jail on two counts of attempted homicide and one count of attempted burglary.

Officers said they found shell casings at the shooting scene at 14th Avenue East and East Mercer Street.

K-9 teams searched for a gun in the neighborhood where the suspect had been hiding, but it is not known if it was found.