Private group directs Burien homeless to services as city council continues debating solution

BURIEN, Wash. — A private group in Burien cleared out a handful of tents sitting near several businesses and city hall on Tuesday.

‘The More We Love,’ a private group working in King County to solve homelessness, has been at the site for a while.

They’ve already moved several people into shelters and have six beds ready for the final six tents by the building.

“What we like to do is do an intake in the beginning, when they come into our care, once we’ve done the intake we understand their full story,” said Director of ‘More We Love,’ Kristine Moreland. “From there we can connect them to services and sometimes that looks like sending them home to their families, it just depends on what the greater story is.”

All of this is happening while the city council and city manager go back and forth over a more permanent solution.

This comes after months of debates, including a meeting Monday night where, again, no decision or action was taken.