Power pole falls on Seattle building

SEATTLE — A power pole fell into a building in Seattle during the heavy wind and showers that battered the city Tuesday afternoon.

The pole appeared to tip toward the street, then tip upside down, putting the base of the pole through a second-story window.

This happened on Madison Street, just west of Lake Washington Boulevard.

“There was a really big gust of wind that came for about 5 minutes,” says Beau Blanchard who heard the pole fall over. “It was a really loud bang and followed by a bright flash.”

Jacob Wible says he was on his computer when flashing lights and a loud bang got his attention. “Then the pole actually rotated up and the back end slammed into someone’s window and shattered the window.”

A parked car also got caught up in the mess. Debris smashed into the vehicle which then started to leak gasoline into the street.

Hazmat crews were called out along with the utility crews to clean up the mess and try to restore power to the area.

The loss of power means more than the lights are out. With temperatures dipping into the low 40s, many are without heat.

Some residents in the area say they plan on waiting things out and bundling up, while others like Jessica Collins plan on spending the night someplace else.

“Hopefully we won’t be out of power for too long, though that doesn’t look like it’s going to be put back into its place anytime soon,” says Collins.