‘I was afraid for my life’: Deputies looking into deadly shooting on Metro bus near White Center

Deputies are investigating a deadly shooting that happened on a Metro bus near White Center on Tuesday.

The shooting happened near 15th Avenue Southwest and Southwest Roxbury Street. Our Chopper 7 was at the scene.

Chopper 7 showed a Metro bus pulled over at a bus stop on 15th Avenue Southwest with police and crime scene tape surrounding the immediate area. We saw a body under a white sheet on the sidewalk next to the bus.

The King County Sheriff’s Office said they are looking for at least one suspect and asked people to avoid the area.

Deputies also confirmed with KIRO 7 News that the bus operates for the H-Line route.

Deputies did not release any other information, including details about the victim and suspect(s).

KIRO 7 News spoke with Antonio, who said he witnessed the shooting as he waited at the bus stop.

He said he was on his way to grab dinner with a friend.

“The bus opened the doors, then pop pop pop,” he described the moment he heard shots fired.

As Antonio ducked, he said he saw two people run away; however, it’s not clear if they were the suspects.

“Two guys flew out of the bus and ran that way, real fast, youngsters. One with a hoody, and one with curly hair,” he said.

He also said he saw the victim’s body on the sidewalk.

“The guy on the sidewalk, he was just a kid. He did not have a chance to live life,” he said. “He was just a young kid. When the mom and dad get the news, it’s going to be devastating.”

And Antonio understands that exact feeling. Three years ago, he said his brother was also shot and killed.

“I want to cry because my brother got shot, too. He was 16. He was at the bus stop, same thing, and some guy come along and pop pop,” he said.