Politics workshop empowers women to get in campaign shape

SEATTLE — An event aimed to train the next generation of young women in politics and get them in campaign shape was the focus of a workshop Saturday in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood.

It was the first of 15 "Boss Ladies" training workshops across the country and local women claimed their seats at The Riveter.

Two groups, New American Leaders and IGNITE, that are focused on getting women involved in all levels of politics, joined forces to put on the unique event.

Eva Masadiego of New American Leaders said, "We're in a mission to train campaign leaders, specifically women, young women, women of color, to engage in the political process, whether that is volunteering for a campaign, working on a campaign or running for office."

"There's so much energy right now all over the country. Young women want to get involved. Young women will determine the outcome of this election, if they all vote and get engaged," Kristin Hayden of IGNITE said.

Washington Congresswoman Suzan DelBene spoke at the event and shared her first-hand experiences. Think of it as a one-day boot camp to get women in campaign shape and on the front lines of politics.

"I'm surrounded by other wonderful women of color who are doing really amazing, amazing things working on campaigns and I want to learn from their wisdom," said Cacima Lee, an attendee.

The event was about empowering women to make a difference.

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