Man steals $600 from Girl Scouts troop selling cookies

SEATTLE — Police are still searching for a man who they say stole hundreds of dollars from Girl Scouts selling cookies outside of a Northgate grocery store.

Last Sunday, a man walked up to the troop's table at the QFC and stole $600 they raised.

KIRO 7's Gary Horcher talked to a couple of the Grl Scouts on Thursday and they described the moment the man took their money.

"He kind of came up behind Ella, and the money was lying on the table because we just had somebody use a credit card," said Harper Tubbs.

"He was right behind me. I was in a cookie costume and the money was right beside me on the table. He grabbed it and ran around me and ran," said Ella Raker.

Other kids and families have now raised money to help the troop out.

When KIRO 7 visited the troop, they moved their table inside the store.

"A man ran up, grabbed their money bin -- containing more than $600 -- and fled on foot toward Northgate Way," Seattle police said in a blotter post.

Anyone who recognizes the man is as asked to contact detectives in the North Precinct at (206) 684-5735.

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