Police chief constructs Trump Tower in his front yard

VIDEO: Police chief constructs Trump Tower in his front yard

MORTON, Wash. — A small-town police chief is getting a lot of attention for a massive structure he built in his front yard.

Roger Morningstar didn’t take any shortcuts when he built a 10-foot-tall Trump Tower on his lawn. The eye-catching construction has 21 windows, close to a dozen lights and drainage holes for when it rains.

“I thought about putting a little helicopter pad on the side and painting a helicopter that says Trump,” said Morningstar.

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Morningstar’s front yard is often filled with campaign signs in the fall. This year, he wanted to take it up a notch to show his support for President Donald Trump.

“I’m a veteran, and I’m a police officer, and I’ve never seen someone show that much support from the Office of the President,” said Morningstar.

The structure is solid, and it makes a statement.

Within a week, it’s already become somewhat of a monument in Morton.

“I had a woman drive here from Olympia with her daughters because she wanted to get a picture in front of it,” said Morningstar.

Lewis County’s own Trump Tower also has a lot of people around town talking.

“Good for him, yeah, that’s awesome,” said Craig Johnson.

“It’s his yard, he can do what he wants,” said Charles Edgar.

However, not everyone feels the same way.

“I thought it was ridiculous, and I don’t think a police chief should be taking one side or another,” said Sheryl Armstrong.

Morningstar said he expected negative comments on social media, but was taken aback by some.

“I was really surprised and hurt by the accusations of it being some kind of racist symbol, which it absolutely is not,” he said. “I’m half Jewish, and I’m half Mexican, but I’m all American.”

Morningstar hopes his political project sparks meaningful conversation. He said he’ll always stand by his homemade Trump Tower.

“I kind of like it, I know it’s a little gaudy, but, hey, maybe Trump will see it and give us a budget and we can improve on it,” he said.

After the election, Morningstar said he’ll put Trump Tower in his backyard and turn it into a playhouse for his daughter.