Parkland McDonald's closed by rat infestation

PIERCE COUNTY, Wash. — Health officials say a McDonald's in Pierce County is closed because of a rat infestation.

The restaurant on Pacific Avenue South, just south of State Route 512 in the Parkland area, closed voluntarily Sunday and remains closed. KIRO 7's cameras caught the scene inside with tarps and cleaning equipment in the restaurant.

The Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department said the restaurant will remain closed until a pest control company cleans and the health department does an inspection.

Nathaly and Demarcus Williams took video of rats running across the floor inside the closed restaurant. A sign on a door says "Closed for maintenance."

"He [Demarcus] was like, 'There's rats!' And I'm like where? And we see a bunch of rats in the kids play area. And the first I thought was that I'm disgusted," Nathaly Williams said. Nathaly said she and her husband dropped their food, stopped eating, and picked up their phones to record what was happening.

Steve Metcalf, Communications Specialist for Tacoma-Pierce County Health, confirmed that the video was from the Parkland store and that the owner has hired a pest company.

Metcalf said before the store can reopen, it will have to go through a full inspection.

The store's owner released the following statement:

"The health and safety of our guests and crew are a top priority. We are working closely with the Tacoma-Pierce County health department and look forward to continuing to serve our guests in Parkland," said Joyce Oubre, McDonald's Owner Operator.

A 2016 inspection at the same McDonald's found a large rat running across the kitchen floor with the back door open.

The reason for the closure caught some customers off-guard. Customer Dennis Perry said he was disappointed in learning that rats were the reason.

The agency said that the closure is warranted, and that there is no exact timetable when the McDonalds will reopen.

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