Rare white whale spotted in Puget Sound over the weekend

About 20 Southern Resident orcas were spotted in Puget Sound since Friday -- and some were seen off Edmonds Sunday afternoon.

There was a group of nearly 40 mammal-eating orcas in the Strait of Juan de Fuca Saturday, and they moved near the San Juans on Sunday, according to Island Adventures Whale Watching. This includes Tl'uk, the "little white whale."

"Beginning on Friday afternoon, Orca Network, a local non-profit sightings network, was flooded with reports of orcas in Puget Sound," Erin Gless of Island Adventures wrote. "Based on photos from Orca Network sightings volunteer Sara Frey, the whales were identified as belonging to J Pod, one of three groups that make up the endangered Southern Resident killer whale population.

"The orcas have been foraging throughout the weekend near Seattle, their presence briefly delaying ferry service near Elliot Bay. As of Sunday morning, the Southern Residents are still in Puget Sound near Edmonds."

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