Phinney Ridge package theft

SEATTLE — It's video you'll see only on KIRO 7 and it shows a person that a Seattle craftsman believes stole a package off his front porch. In a strange twist, the neighbor's surveillance video shows the suspect with a Captain America shield.

Kenneth Moore, who runs his own business, said the theft really hurt, and the items that were stolen were really of no value to the thief.

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Moore said package pickup has given him a leg up in his fabric and yarn business. He said on Jan. 9, a thief took a package that he was shipping off his front porch in the 700 block of North 90 Street in Seattle. Moore said the theft cost him hundreds of dollars for the products stolen, and for the time he put in making it. Moore makes his own fabric and yarn, designing and dyeing most of it himself for his list of clients.

An odd twist to the story came when his neighbor showed him video of a man who had been roaming the neighborhood in the days surrounding the theft. The video shows a man wearing a Captain America shield emblem on his back, both Moore and his neighbors suspect the man may have been stealing mail and packages. The idea of him sporting a superhero emblem made it surreal for Moore. "That is not something I would think, maybe Deadpool? Batman if you really wanted to. Most superheroes you don't think of stealing people's mail."

Ever since Jan. 9, Moore has kept an eye out for anyone who may be picking off his neighbor's mail or packages. What Moore lost was yarn and fabric he's made it for years. It's time consuming, painstaking work, that was lost in the package theft. Moore said he names his fabric designs, and the yarn he lost to the package thief was called Crime Scene. "Now my Crime Scene fiber has officially been involved in a true crime."

Moore says a neighbor saw a man carry his box away Jan. 9, rip it open and rip off his fabric.

Another neighbor gave him the surveillance video that shows the person with the Avenger's shield.

Moore says he has filed a police report and heard other neighbors lost mail.

Package thieves were caught on camera repeatedly during the holidays stealing deliveries. But Moore was sending a package slated for pre-arranged pickup. It's a process that saved him money. Now he can't risk it again. "That's extra money I don't want to have to spend. I'd rather spend it than lose more product."

Moore hopes the video will lead to an arrest. "There's no value to him and I spend so much time developing this product it's so emotionally and creatively draining."

Moore said he found his neighbors' mail torn open and tossed on the ground, so he believes the mail and package thief has been working in the area for some time.