Olympia couple says their $717,500 lottery win was all because of a lost kitten

OLYMPIA, Wash. — A couple says that their impressive $717,5000 lottery win was all because of a small helpless kitten.

Postal worker Joseph Waldherr said it all began when he found a small lost kitten at work. Waldherr had heard a faint meowing for two days before finding the abandoned animal and placing it in his front shirt pocket. After his shift had ended, Waldherr stopped by his local convenience store to buy a HIT 5 lotto ticket while feeling lucky to have found the kitten.

After forgetting about the ticket for a few days, Waldherr scanned the code with his wife and saw the “See Lottery Office” message on his phone screen. At first, the couple did not believe they had won so they looked up the numbers and realized they were indeed the winners of $717,5000. After claiming the money, Waldherr and his wife took Joseph’s father, mother, brother, and sister-in-law to dinner to celebrate.

The kitten has been named “Peaches” because of her peach-colored cheeks.

Waldherr says that he plans to help his parents retire and make donations to several charities.

“My wife and I have everything we need. We just want to help others,” said Waldherr.

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