Officers recover stolen cars, packages and more from empty building in South Lake Union

Seattle — Seattle police are investigating after finding stolen cars, bikes, and more in an empty building in South Lake Union on Tuesday morning, according to an SPD Blotter post.

Officers were patrolling around 4:45 a.m. when they saw a running car parked in a building that is under development near Roy Street and Westlake Avenue North. Police had received previous reports of stolen property in that area and went to investigate, according to the report.

When police got closer to the building, they saw a person in the garage, holding a chain used to open the garage door. The person noticed the officers, released the chain and closed the door, according to SPD.

Officers confirmed the property is owned by the Seattle Department of Transportation and is supposed to be vacant.

When police gained access to the garage, they found three vehicles inside. One was a stolen van and another a stolen truck, both dissembled. Police heard footsteps on the roof and went to investigate, but didn’t find anyone, they said.

Along with the stolen vehicles, police found tents set up inside the garage.

They also found residents’ packages, bikes, a crossbow, collectible trading cards, figurines, a violin, a saxophone and gun accessories, according to the report.