Noted education consultant talks about the growing issue of bullying, intimidation in schools

SEATTLE — With students back in the classroom, KIRO 7 got to talk with an education consultant who broke down the growing issue of bullying, intimidation and harassment in schools.

Erin Jones visited the KIRO 7 studios on Friday. She has been teacher of the year, honored at the White House and continues to speak to teachers and parents across the country about the issues and challenges at schools.

When Jones was asked about hate crimes rising over the last several years, which KIRO 7 has covered numerous times, Monique Ming Laven asked, “How are you seeing that play out in schools?”

Jones responded, “Students are just manifesting what they see in the adults. Especially because students have been at home with parents, they’re seeing adults behave poorly to one another, they’re seeing adults hate others, whatever other is. And students are just younger version(s) of the adults they see. And so they’re seeing their own parents, but they’re also seeing those hate crimes on a really big level with TikTok and Instagram and all the ways they capture media.”

Jones went on to talk about physical and verbal aggression happening in schools and where it’s at in terms of a ceiling. She also talks about a child’s responsibility when bullying or harassment occurs.

Watch the video above to hear more about bullying and harassment issues in the school.

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