North Kitsap SD superintendent on paid leave after allegedly stealing campaign signs

The North Kitsap School District School Board has voted to place the superintendent on paid administrative leave after she allegedly stole campaign signs against a school levy.


KIRO 7 News requested public records Monday from the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office to learn more about the investigation into North Kitsap School District superintendent Dr. Laurynn Evans.

We received documentation and photos of evidence that deputies had collected and captured.

According to the documents, Scott Henden and Kim Gerlach told deputies that they had purchased signs to place around the community, however, a lot of them were stolen recently, including on Cliffside Road, near Eglon.

Henden told KIRO 7 News that he put grease on several signs to help deter the suspect(s). He also placed game cameras around them to capture the next possible incident.

Henden shared a video that captured a person caught in the act on Friday.

Deputies said they found evidence at Sons of Norway that possibly connects the stolen signs to Evans after discovering the same grease from the stolen signs on her truck.

Deputies also found the grease on gloves and a towel inside a dumpster that was next to Evans’ vehicle, the documents wrote.

For the full details on the investigation into the superintendent, please click here.


The North Kitsap School Board scheduled a meeting on Thursday at 5 p.m. following the allegations and listed “Superintendent Dr. Laurynn Evans, Paid Administrative Leave” as an item on the agenda.

KIRO 7 News reached out to the school district and school board before the meeting to get further details.

We didn’t hear back from the board, however, Jenn Markaryan, communications and community relations for the district, said she did not have further details about the meeting beyond what had been shared on the agenda.

KIRO 7 News also spoke with parents Thursday afternoon who said they were going to attend the board meeting following the accusations against the superintendent.

“I felt it was an injustice to the children. You promote not stealing, be truthful, be honest, really have commitment and loyalty, things like that. Seeing a top leader like that doing those things, how can you tell children to do the right thing and I can do the wrong thing?” Adam Toler, who has three children within the district, asked. “My oldest (child) straight up said, he said, ‘well if they can do that, well what else are they doing?’”

“I just want them (district) to own up. If you did it, you did it.” He added, “I’m looking at your position, and what you hold, and how you treat our children.”

Danielle Reub Castillejo, who currently has three children within the district, said, “Anytime we’ve gone to the district or superintendent to kind of get answers or the school board, we have not been able to get answers and many times it has been silent.”

“I’m going to tonight’s meeting to encourage the school board to put her (superintendent) on leave or that she would resign.” She added, “If she got caught doing this, please do the right thing. Let her go. Let her have a new start somewhere else, and let our community move on and heal.”

“I felt deeply worried and deeply troubled about it. This is supposed the head of our schools. She has 5,000 plus kids looking up to her as the role model. She sets the tone. She sets the example. For her to be allegedly involved in this, I think it’s deeply worrying. It’s about not only theft, but it’s about really freedom of speech and about silencing her critics. And I think that’s also troubling about how she may be running the district,” said Matt Helmer, who has two children within the district.

KIRO 7 News also reached out to people on social media, who shared comments that they supported the school levy, to get their thoughts on the accusations on the district’s superintendent.

We’re still waiting to hear back from them.


Shortly after the school board meeting began at 5 p.m., a school board member proposed an amendment to the agenda to allow 30 minutes for public comment.

A majority of the board voted against the proposal, but allowed additional time for those who had already signed up to speak at the meeting.

Several parents, teachers and leaders shared their thoughts at the podium.

Cindy Webster-Martinson, joined the meeting via Zoom and said that she heard about a recent vote where people lost confidence in the school board and superintendent, and believed it was impacting the investigation into the superintendent.

“I hope that the superintendent is given her fair due,” she said.

KIRO 7 News had reached out to the school district to gather more details about the alleged vote of no confidence.

Markaryan responded in an email, “We are aware that an email was sent to the board of directors informing them of a vote. We have been informally notified that there was a vote of no confidence from the majority of that association.”

About 40 minutes into the meeting, a majority of the speakers shared their concerns to the school board, including the district’s lack of transparency, budgeting and spending, and the lack of communication on a number of issues impacting students, teachers, staff members and families.

“You are spending our money, our public money, like you’re in Las Vegas,” one man said. “I know I should be careful with my words, but you are violating your fiduciary duty.”

Another man shared a statement from North Kitsap Transportation at the podium.

“A resolution for a vote of no confidence. Let it be known that the collective membership of North Kitsap School District Transportation Department Employees Association have collectively by a majority of voting members passed a resolution voicing our vote of no confidence of the following positions of the North Kitsap School District Administration. The school board, the superintendent, the director of transportation department, the assistant director of the transportation department. We believe that the holders of the listed offices have and continue to violate district policies and procedures,” he said.

“They have operated and made decisions that are not in the best interest of ensuring that the work site is free from threats, harassment, bullying and intimidation and hostile work environment. That some decisions have been made not in the best fiscally responsible manner,” the man continued to share at the podium.

Nearly an hour into the meeting, the school board voted to place superintendent Evans on paid administrative leave, with a 4-1 vote.

KIRO 7 News asked Mike Desmond, school board president, to talk, however, he declined our request.

Throughout the meeting, KIRO 7 News did not see the superintendent.

The district shared the following statement with KIRO 7 News after the board meeting.

At this evening’s school board meeting, the North Kitsap board of directors placed Dr. Laurynn Evans on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

The board of directors has appointed Rachel Davenport, Executive Director of Human Resources, as Acting Superintendent for the foreseeable future. Rachel is committed to leading the district through this time by keeping students at the forefront.

The board had received many questions and concerns from the community. We understand that it is frustrating for our staff, families, and community that we cannot discuss details of personnel matters. The Board is committed to a full and fair investigation, to making evidence-based decisions, and to keeping the best interests of our students as our guiding focus. We appreciate your patience during this time.


KIRO 7 News reached out to Kitsap County prosecutor Chad Enright to get more details about his review on the case after we had reached out to him on Monday.

He’s currently reviewing the case involving the superintendent, he said, and a charging decision will be made in the next week or so.


KIRO 7 News received a photo capturing comments on social media involving campaign signs related to the investigation into the superintendent.

In the photo, Andi Humphrey Shepherd wrote in a comment “I was in Poulsbo over Christmas and *may or may not* have yanked a “Vote No for the Bond” sign out of the roundabout outside of Gala Pines and threw off to the side (an emoji of a face with squinting eyes and a smile).”

A person with the name Jenn Markaryan responded to Shepherd’s comment with “Andi more satisfying than TP-ing a house!!”

KIRO 7 News reached out to Markaryan to get her response on the photo.

She shared the following statement:

“It is unfortunate that an off-hand comment in a private conversation is being taken out of context to question my integrity. I am a firm believer in the democratic process and the right to advocate for or against ballot measures. I would never condone any interference with a campaign, nor would I ever condone tampering with or removing campaign signs.”