No more parking stickers in Seattle? Council to vote on pay by plate option

SEATTLE — Seattle City Council members are scheduled to vote a proposal that would change the way people park in the city.

The city council will vote Monday on whether to create a pay by plate system. Drivers would have the option to put their license plate number into a parking pay station, pay and then walk away.

They would no longer have to go back to their car to put a sticker on their window.

The new system would cut down on the paper materials used for parking stickers.  The city started moving away from paper about six years ago.

City officials say about a third of people parking in Seattle use the pay-by-phone option.

The proposal also allows the city’s transportation officials to approve new payment methods in the future such as in-car payment and allows people to set up accounts to make paying easier as well.

With approval, work could begin in August to being converting the machines to allow for the new pay-by-plate system.