New surveillance video shows man assaulting more people outside courthouse

SEATTLE — Newly released surveillance video shows a man accused of assaulting three people at the King County Courthouse on June 19 may have also assaulted four more people just minutes before.

The contact varies, from seeming to nudge or elbow a man to hitting a woman in her stomach as she walked by.

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Minutes later, Diallo is accused of body-checking a defense attorney, attacking another man, and then hitting a female court clerk in the stomach.

A judge released 29-year-old Ibrahima Diallo shortly after his arrest on June 19th, citing no probable cause.

As of Friday afternoon, Diallo has still not been charged, though he is now in jail facing charges for two assaults at Sea-Tac Airport.

Commuters who take the bus outside the courthouse were not surprised by the assaults.

"It kind of feels like a lot of people are having the worst day of their lives here, every day," commuter Lee Prindle said. Prindle said he himself has not felt threatened, but can understand why others might.

KIRO 7 has been investigating concerns about attacks at the courthouse for more than a year.

Last July, King County judges asked council members to take action.

"A juror reporting for his first day of jury service was viciously assaulted by a stranger," Presiding Judge Laura Inveen said.

Since then, the King County Sheriff's Office and Seattle Police Department have increased their presence and power-washing of the courthouse, which some employees complained stank of urine, now happens two to three times a week instead of once a month.

A judge told KIRO 7's Amy Clancy that multiple jail and law enforcement officers, court employees, jurors, lawyers and an intern have all been assaulted, harassed and spat-on by multiple suspects in just the past six months.

KIRO 7 asked the office of Dan Satterberg, the King County Prosecuting Attorney, why there was no probable cause found.

They advised that KIRO 7 would have to request the audio file of the judge for the explanation of the decision.

In the meantime, Diallo is facing charges for grabbing a woman's chest and slapping another woman's buttocks at Sea-Tac Airport two weeks after he was released from jail in the courthouse case.

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