• New maps illustrate likely tsunami impacts for Bellingham, Anacortes

    By: KIRO 7 News Staff


    The Washington State Department of Natural Resources published new maps today showing potential impacts on the communities near the North Salish Sea from a potential tsunami generated by a magnitude 9 earthquake.

    The maps were prepared by the Washington Geological Survey to help local officials prepare evacuation plans.

    In KIRO 7 News at 7 p.m., reporter Deborah Horne provides more information on the study and how the communities are preparing. 

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    The model looks at a magnitude 9 earthquake in the Cascadia subduction zone -- an event that occurs approximately once every 2,500 years. Compared to previous modeling, it assumes a greater degree of flooding and follows building code standards for critical facilities.

    After the earthquake in the Cascadia subduction zone, the first tsunami waves will reach the Anacortes and Bellingham areas about one and a half hours later, with waves as high as 18 feet and velocities as high as 20 knots. Flooding is expected to continue for more than eight hours.

    The new study and maps can be found on the Department of Natural Resources website.


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