Nearly 100 people infected with COVID-19 after Ferry County super-spreader event

FERRY COUNTY, Wash. — Nearly 100 people were infected with COVID-19 after a three-day super-spreader event in Ferry County earlier this month.

CBS affiliate KREM reported that the event was set up to recruit new Eagle’s Club members during the weekend of April 9-11 in Republic.

Health officials say patient zero was traced back to the event.

“There’s 95 people that have tested positive since that event,” Northeast Tri-County Health District Administrator Matt Schanz said. “And the vast majority have had some kind of exposure to that event, either by attendance or by a secondary exposure. They’re continuing to test ... even today, they’re continuing to be tested.”

KREM reported that at Ferry County Memorial Hospital in Republic, the rate of COVID-19 positivity is close to 25%. It’s the only hospital for at least 50 miles in any direction.