Mother who survived fiery crash with daughter shares story of harrowing rescue

VIDEO: Mother, daughter pulled out from burning car

There’s not a day that goes by that Amber Beers isn’t haunted by images of this raging inferno.

“It was the scariest thing I’ve encountered in my life, not being able to get my child out of a burning car,” said Beers.

Beers and her 11-year-old daughter, Delilah, were heading to a family barbecue when they were rear-ended by a speeding car in Graham last month. The crash knocked her out.

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“Next thing I remember is that there was a man pulling me out of the car. It was kind of smoky. My ears were ringing. And immediately, I was looking back screaming, ‘Lilah, Lilah,’ because she was fully out,” Beers said.

That man was Tukwila police Cmdr. Todd Rossi, who also happens to be a retired Army Ranger with 16 years of experience as a medic. KIRO 7 spoke to him right after the crash.

“It was pretty intense. There were flames in the car and flames on the ground,” said Rossi.

Delilah was caught in her booster seat. And her door was stuck closed.

“I had my knife on me. Took a couple stabs to the window and was able to cut the seat belt and free her legs from the front passenger seat,” Rossi said.

He carried Delilah to safety just in time. Firefighters arrived in less than three minutes. But by then, it would have been too late.

“He literally saved my daughter’s life from fire. The fire became so big, so quickly. Her hair was actually burned. My hair right here was burned from trying to get her out. So he was just an angel,” Beers said.

She is still pretty shaken up after her brush with death. She still relives those frantic moments when she could not save her daughter.

Incredibly, other than a chipped tooth, Delilah is OK.

Beers, however, is recovering from hip surgery, which means the single mother of three can’t work.  She normally works two jobs to support her family. As a peer counselor at an addiction recovery facility and a psychiatric hospital, she helps people get through some of their darkest days. And now, she needs help herself.

With no income coming in and no insurance, the bills are piling up.

But as stressful as the situation is, she’s still trying to maintain a positive attitude.

“I feel blessed. I feel watched out for. I feel like time wasn’t up just yet. We have life to live still,” said Beers.

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