Mother says search for Kyron Horman has narrowed, 9 years after the 7-year-old disappeared

Desiree Young continued her impassioned plea on Tuesday to find her son Kyron Horman, who was last seen on June 4, 2010 at Skyline School in Portland when he was 7-years-old.

“It's been nine years of not knowing where he went or what happened to him, nine years without hugging him, nine years without his smiles or his laughs,” Young said. “Nine years without his love. My heart is broken.”

Young said she continues to work closely with detectives.

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“I can tell you that there have been recent searches in the last several months,” She said. “And we have been able to narrow down areas that we're looking.”

Young said she couldn't give specifics, but that the search for clues is now focused on a 100-acre area.  She renewed her pressure on Kyron's stepmother Terry Horman, who was the last to see him. Shortly after the disappearance, Terry failed two polygraph tests and stopped working with police.

“I am always talking to our head detective,” Young said. “Go knock on her door, go knock on her door.  Talk to her. She can plead the fifth. She can say go talk to my attorney, but go put pressure on her.”

Young also announced that she worked with Seattle author, Rebecca Morris, on a new book titled Love You Forever, the Search for Kyron Horman. It’s set to be released in a few months.

Morris also wrote If I Can’t Have You, a New York Times bestseller about Susan Cox Powell, who disappeared in 2009. In 2012 Susan's husband Josh Powell killed himself and their two boys in Graham.

Young said the proceeds she gets from the book on Kyron will go to a nonprofit dedicated to missing children.

“My search for Kyron will never end,” She said.  “And I will never give up.”

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