Military couple loses everything when their U-Haul is stolen in Federal Way

FEDERAL WAY, Wash, — A couple moving to Washington for military reassignment loses everything after their U-Haul was stolen.

Yachun Huang and her husband were staying at a hotel in Federal Way on Sunday, when they realized the truck had gone missing.

“My husband just tell me, the U-Haul truck is gone,” Huang explained. “I was really, really shocked. I think he was joking because it’s impossible.”

Their whole life was packed into the back of the U-Haul and the truck was nowhere to be found.

Until about a day later, after they filed a police report.

“They found a U-Haul it was all empty. The police officer said there was only one water bottle left which is empty, which is means its trash. Everything was gone,” said Huang’s husband.

The U-Haul was found completely cleaned out a few miles away.

Huang’s husband, who has just been relocated to JBLM, could not go on-camera. But he tells KIRO 7 that the thieve stole more than just items.

“There are memories right, like when we first got married and the gift from our parents was all in there. It’s not really expensive but it’s really meaningful for us,” he explained.

Huang’s diamond engagement ring was also stolen, after she stowed it away with her belongings for safekeeping.

“Really expensive. He saved the money for that and now it’s gone,” Huang said.

Instead of settling into their new Seattle home, they’re starting from scratch.

“We’re sleeping on an air mattress right now because everything was lost,” Huang’s husband said.

After just a few days in Washington, they’re already looking for a way out.

“If army can send me to somewhere else, I will do it. I will leave right now,” he said.

The couple says more than $180,000 worth of their belongings were stolen.