Migrants’ stay in Kent hotel extended thanks to anonymous donation

KENT, Wash. — A group of migrants from Venezuela and other parts of the world will stay an extra 11 days at the Quality Inn in Kent thanks to an anonymous donation, according to the general manager of the hotel.

Prior to this donation, a majority of the refugees’ stay ran out due to a lack of funds. As soon as the money ran out, a large group of those refugees set up camp outside the Garfield Community Center in Seattle right on top of the tennis courts. KIRO 7 spoke to several people who say they had been there for hours and weren’t sure what their next step was.

“We are waiting for confirmation of support to return to the hotel again,” Adriana Figueira from Venezuela said.

While many of the refugees KIRO 7 spoke with were thankful for the community chipping in and helping out, they feel more resources are needed to truly help them out.

“They’re asking if there is any way that there can be support given to acquire the necessary documentation to get jobs and all the other services that could be provided here,” one translator at the encampment told KIRO 7.

Seattle City Councilmember Joy Hollingsworth took to social media platform X to say that the city was aware of the situation and that they are working with the Seattle Mayor’s Office, King County and service providers to address the situation.