Marysville man arrested after touching a woman while claiming to be modeling agent

A Marysville man was arrested on Wednesday after pretending to work for a modeling agency and convincing women to send him nude photos to create their portfolios, according to a press release from the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office.

During 2018 and 2019, a 25-year-old man contacted two women he knew and claimed he was working for a modeling agency.

He told the women they could make money if he helped them build their modeling portfolios.

According to the release, the man fraudulently claimed to work for a Californian modeling agency, and the agency would be in contact with the women to provide modeling contracts.

The man then created a fake business phone number and email address to communicate with the victims and sent them fake contracts to sign.

The man also convinced the women to send him nude photos and videos of themselves, telling them he needed them to build their portfolios.

The man told one of the women he needed to meet with her in person to take measurements of her chest for a Seattle plastic surgeon that he claimed was looking for breast augmentation models.

The man claimed he was trained by the doctor to take measurements.

When the man met the women in person, he inappropriately touched under the pretense he was working as a modeling consultant.

Investigators were able to confirm the man never worked for the Californian modeling agency and discovered he was operating the fake business email and phone number to communicate with the women.

The man was arrested on Wednesday and booked in a Snohomish County jail on two counts of impersonation with sexual motivation in the first degree.