Malden, Massachusetts steps up to help Malden, Washington following devastating wildfires

MALDEN, Mass. — The small town of Malden, located about 35 miles south of Spokane, is being offered support from its namesake city in Massachusetts after it was ravaged by wildfires earlier this week.

Only 27 of the 130 homes in Malden remain after a combination of high winds, low humidity and high temperatures on Monday led to some of the worst wildfires Washington has seen in years. The town also lost its post office, fire station, city hall and library.

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Public Lands Commissioner Hilary Franz and Gov. Jay Inslee both visited the town earlier this week.

Town officials said, “it looked like a bomb went off.”

Inslee has issued a proclamation to help provide cash assistance to those impacted by the wildfires, but now the town of Malden, Massachusetts is also stepping up to help.

On its Facebook page, Malden, Massachusetts officials announced a partnership with their fire department to offer support to their namesake in Washington.

“A number of fundraising efforts are underway, and our city will be working to assist the many victims of our namesake city,” officials said.

Specifically, the Lions Club of Malden, Massachusetts Is accepting donations of Visa and/or other prepaid cash gift cards, which will be shipped to the Lions Club in Malden, Washington All proceeds will go toward helping the victims.

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