Magnuson Park residents give SPD earful after second deadly police shooting

SEATTLE — It turns out the people who live in the Magnuson Park area heard the fatal shots.  And it has them rattled.

"And it makes us fear you guys," Cha Velasquez said.

She told Seattle police the shooting death of  24-year-old Kyle Gray has had an impact on her family.

Gray was a convicted felon still under Department of Corrections supervision. Early Tuesday, he and his girlfriend were suspected of stealing merchandise from this Forever 21 at Northgate Mall.

Twenty-two-year-old Skyler Tristan Lindberg was taken into custody. But Gray allegedly led police on a chase, shooting at them out his window.

The chase ended in Magnuson Park, where Gray was shot dead.

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"And so for me, I don't know what you guys can do to make us feel better or make us feel safe," Velasquez told the officers. "Because I don't feel safe."

"I mean I don't even look at the Seattle Times anymore because I don't, I hope to god they're not representing the police department accurately, because it looks horrific," said Chandra Hampson, a Sand Point resident.

This is the second deadly police shooting in Magnuson Park this year.  In June, Charleena Lyles, a pregnant mother of four with a history of mental illness, called 911 to report a burglary. But police say she came at them with knives. And she, too, was shot dead.

North Precinct Capt. Sean O'Donnell told residents despite that, SPD wants to have a good relationship with them.

"Being in the community so we can work with the kids so that there isn't a fright of police by the community," said Capt. O'Donnell.

O'Donnell and the other officers here said they could not discuss the shooting itself. They said they have 90 days to complete their investigation.

Seven officers involved in the shooting are on paid administrative leave, which is standard.