Lynnwood Gun store sees spike in sales ahead of new WA gun regulations

Lynnwood Gun told KIRO 7 it had “record numbers” of gun sales in the days leading up to a new wave of gun regulations that went into effect Monday under voter-approved Initiative 1639.

176 guns were sold Friday and 136 guns were sold Saturday, according to owner Tiffany Teasdale, who said selling 40 guns in one day would normally be considered busy.

“Madhouse,” said Teasdale.

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Starting July 1, enhanced background checks and waiting periods will be required for the purchase or transfer of semiautomatic rifles in Washington along with new training requirements for new purchases of those same guns.

Gun owners now face criminal liability for failure to safely secure guns if someone who shouldn’t have it, fires the gun or hurts someone. New regulations for gun store owners like Teasdale include safety warning and safe storage requirements.

The first wave of regulations under the law, approved by nearly 60 percent of Washington voters in November, took effect at the beginning of the year and included the ban of semiautomatic rifles to anyone younger than 21. Supporters, pointing to mass shootings and other acts of gun violence, say it will make schools and communities safer.

Nearly a dozen sheriffs have said they would not enforce I-1639.

“People are afraid their guns are going to be taken away,” said Teasdale. “They’re buying more guns, just kind of their own protest.”

There's currently a lawsuit challenging certain provisions of the law.

Attorney General Bob Ferguson released an explainer of the new regulations.

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