Lynnwood family says biohazard cleanup needed after dogsitting nightmare

LYNNWOOD, Wash. — A woman says a dogsitter from Rover.com brought an unauthorized guest inside her house and then encouraged drug use.

“I feel violated. I feel scared. They know the layout of my home. They know we have cameras,” Brooklyn Gallison told KIRO 7, adding that she has paid a steep price for being a good dog mom.

“(My home) is my relaxing space, this is my safe space, this where people can’t come in unless I welcome them in.”

Gallison and her family left on a vacation to Leavenworth on Dec. 9.

Using the website Rover.com, she says she found a dogsitter with rave reviews.

By night one, however, she says she noticed that her dogsitter was purposely trying to block her living room security camera.

Gallison then pulled up a secret camera in the garage and says she was astonished to see a man in her home.

Ring footage showed an uninvited guest, puffing away on some sort of drug pipe.

“Knowing (the dog sitter) specifically snuck him through my garage not knowing there was a camera there. It feels gross,” Gallison remarked.

Gallison told KIRO 7 Lynnwood police weren’t much help.

She says they insisted they couldn’t stop the suspected drug use because she had agreed to have a dogsitter in her home, and that the drug use was not out in the open.

“Just watching it and not being able to do anything and not get any response from her, I just felt like I was gonna throw up,” she said.

In the end, Gallison says she had to call a friend to force this dogsitter out of her home.

Days later, Ring cameras caught different activity inside her garage.

Video shows hazmat crews determining what types of drugs had been smoked in her home.

All of it, just feet away from her kids’ Christmas presents.

“That is where my kids sleep and play and hang out and they can’t go in there. We can’t explain to them why.”

In a statement to KIRO 7, Rover.com said it has given Gallison a refund.

It added that the dogsitter at Gallison’s home is no longer part of the Rover.com platform.

Gallison said she faces thousands of dollars’ worth of bills because of the hazmat situation in her home.