‘Lock up cash, post signs’: Police warn Bellevue businesses after arrest of serial burglar

Bellevue Police issued a warning to owners on Thursday to lock up cash and post signs after six burglaries at downtown-area businesses last month.

One man is believed to be responsible for all the break-ins that happened from July 19 to 24.

In each case, the man smashed in front doors and then stole cash from small businesses that he walked up to along Main Street and Bellevue Way between 2 a.m. and 3 a.m.

The burglar wore all-black clothing, a mask and a cross-body bag in each incident.

Detectives think he may have parked a car elsewhere so he could leave the area afterward.

“We urge businesses to lock up all cash, deposit it or remove it from the premises,” said BPD Investigations Captain Joe Nault. “It’s also a good idea to prominently post that there is no cash in the business. If possible, invest in a security alarm and camera system. You don’t want to be an easy victim.”

According to Bellevue police, a man was arrested Wednesday night after he was seen pulling on the handles of businesses downtown. During an interview with officers, the man confessed to all six robberies.