Local barbershop singing group finds creative way to practice during pandemic

A local chorus group is getting creative and finding new ways to practice together during the pandemic.

The Seattle SeaChordsman Barbershop Chorus typically rehearses together Tuesday nights, but has been holding practices virtually due to social distancing guidelines - but the group came up with a new idea.

Group members started meeting as a “carbershop” chorus, with each person safely isolated in their own car with a microphone.

The microphone signals are then mixed together, and the signal is transmitted over an FM transmitter so each person can listen to the signal over their car radio.

The director stands in the middle of the group so everyone can see the instructions.

The group has used this setup with 15 singers, and hopes to get up to 20-25.

Sound Transit worked with the group and is letting them use the Northgate Transit Center Park & Ride for rehearsals. The group will perform for them when the station opens for service in September - a win-win!

Watch a performance for yourself in the video embedded below and get more information about the group here.