Lewd Halloween display across from Idlewild Elementary in Lakewood raises concerns

LAKEWOOD, Wash. — A lewd Halloween display across from Idlewild Elementary in Lakewood is raising concerns among parents who say that it’s “inappropriate.”

The school has even built privacy fencing to try and block children from seeing the sexually placed skeletons that make up the scene.

Among the skeletons is a sign that reads “Dear Karen, challenge accepted. next year, try polite.”

KIRO 7 spoke with neighbors in the area who believe it’s indecent to have such a display in front of an elementary school.

“There’s a time and a place for these kinds of things and that’s an adult thing right there. So, for children, no. I just don’t accept that,” said neighbor Victoria Obrley.

However, others say that people are just overreacting.

“With what the kids have access on their cellphones nowadays, that’s PG. They get everything and anything, even if they have parental locks on their phones. They find their ways around everything,” said parent Dustin Dougherty.

The school has addressed these concerns in an email to parents saying that the homeowner has refused to take down the decorations.

They say the administration is now working with the city and police to find a solution.

When KIRO 7 talked to the homeowner he refused to appear on camera, but he did say that the display wasn’t a big deal.