Lake Forest Park residents confused over ‘No Racing Zone’ signs

LAKE FOREST PARK, Wash. — Street racing and takeovers are a big problem in some areas.

But not along Northeast 178th Street in Lake Forest Park, according to David and Diane Haddock, who live near the road.

“We have lived here 15 years and just have never seen any street racing in the area. We know there is some speeding on 178th, but certainly no street racing,” said David.

But there are now numerous “no racing” signs posted along the road.

Along with flashing signs warning 24-hour speed surveillance is coming in June.

Last month during a special meeting, the city council passed a racing ordinance, allowing two current school zone traffic cameras to be upgraded to speed zone cameras during non-school times.

The signs – forewarning of the 24-hour speed surveillance – had to go up 30 days before the cameras are activated.

The city says it’s good for public safety.

The Haddocks say the city is using a made-up problem to find a way to fine more drivers.

“None of the statistics for fatalities, for accidents, for anything, would allow cameras there to be 24/7. The only thing that would allow it is if it was a street racing street,” said Diane. “I don’t think they’re really looking at the best outcomes for the pedestrians, for the drivers – for the city, I think they’re looking for income.”

But others in the neighborhood feel the extra surveillance is needed.

“A lot of traffic on the streets – people tend to come off here faster than they should, so I’m definitely in support of any anything that will get people to slow down,” said Brendan Godfrey, who lives in the neighborhood.

KIRO 7 reached out to city leaders for comment but did not hear back.

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