After nearly a decade in office, Kshama Sawant won’t run for reelection to Seattle City Council

In an editorial for The Stranger, Kshama Sawant announced Thursday she does not intend to run again for Seattle City Council.

Sawant, who has served since 2014, announced the launch of “Workers Strike Back,” a national movement intent on strengthening the working class.

Sawant said her party, Socialist Alternative, has won historic victories for workers in Seattle, including the $15/hour minimum wage, Amazon Tax and “landmark” renter’s rights.

According to Sawant, the demands of “Workers Strike Back” include “real” raises for workers, union jobs for all, fighting racism, sexism and oppression, affordable housing, and free healthcare.

Sawant, who identifies as a Socialist Alternative, said the movement is also looking to establish “a new Party,” saying they want “no more sellouts.”

Sawant concludes, “While I’m sure the corporate establishment in Seattle will be very happy with the news that I am not running again, they shouldn’t rush to mix their martinis just yet, because we are not done here.”

Details for “Workers Strike Back” can be found on their website.