KIRO 7, League of Women Voters of Washington to host candidate forums for 2024 election

KIRO / League of Women Voters of Washington

SEATTLE — KIRO 7 and the League of Women Voters of Washington Education Fund (LWVWA-EF) will be partnering up to hose a pair of candidate forums for the state’s upcoming gubernatorial and U.S. Senate races.

KIRO 7 and the LWVWA will work together to make sure all voters have a voice. That means questions and discussion topics will be sourced from the general public, and then vetted with local nonpartisan organizations and nonprofits to make sure that the issues that matter most to our diverse communities are at the forefront of these forums.

“KIRO 7 remains committed to delivering greater context and understanding on the stories that impact our citizens the most,” said KIRO 7 Vice President and General Manager. “These races will shape our state, and our country and shape the lives of Western Washington residents for years to come.”

“Delivering live, equal access to the candidates in these races is vital,” he continued. “In these forums, voters will hear directly from the candidates in real time, and gather the information they need to cast their vote.”

“The League of Women Voters invites every eligible voter to learn about the candidates who wish to make decisions on their behalf,” LWVWA President Mary Coltrane added. “The League works vigorously to ensure voters have all the information they need to cast an informed ballot. Our commitment to democracy is unwavering, and we are pleased to partner with KIRO in this important work.”

These live forums will be hosted on-air and streaming on KIRO 7 on television, online, and the KIRO 7 News phone and TV apps. We will also be working with the Washington State Association of Broadcasters as well as local TV, radio, and newspapers to air the broadcasts across the state.

KIRO 7 and the LWVWA may also expand their partnership to include more events for down-ballot races based on voter demand.