Kirkland Police return 3 stolen French bulldogs to their family

KIRKLAND, Wash. — Three French bulldogs that were stolen last week, along with their owners’ van, are back home with their Kirkland family.

On Apr. 5, Socks, Fancy, and JonPaul were inside a running unlocked van parked in front of a gas station’s doors, while the owner ran inside.

When he returned, the van was gone, along with the three dogs inside.

Two of the dogs recently underwent surgery and needed medicine.

Kirkland officers flagged the van as stolen and shared the information with other police agencies. Two days later, on Apr. 7, the van was found by Bellevue Police, but sadly, no dogs were inside.

The next day, Kirkland Police investigators looked into a tip about someone who was trying to sell the stolen dogs. On Tuesday, Apr. 9, Kirkland officers investigating another case received another tip about the dogs.

On Thursday, Apr. 11, Kirkland Police found all three dogs.

“Socks, Fancy and JonPaul appeared healthy and happy and were reunited with their family,” Kirkland Police said in a news release Friday.

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