Key Peninsula fifth grade teacher under investigation for possible misconduct

Troubling allegations against an elementary school teacher in the Peninsula School District.

A fifth-grade teacher is being investigated for alleged misconduct involving an Evergreen Elementary School student.

It has left parents and school officials alarmed.

According to the Peninsula School district, the allegations potentially involve unwanted touching. It has left parents at Evergreen Elementary School with a lot of questions for which there are not yet many answers.

A troubling revelation has emerged at the Key Peninsula’s Evergreen Elementary School, which seems a world away from big city problems.

A teacher is being investigated for alleged misconduct involving a student.

“Like it was just shock,” said Nicole Linscott. “Absolute shock.”

The news has left some parents reeling.

“Everybody’s always been so wonderful. I never would have imagined anything like that,” Linscott said. “I’ve like friends like work in the school. And none of them had any idea anything like that would be happening.”

Late last week, District Superintendent Krestin Bahr sent an email to parents.

“The allegations concern boundary invasions, verbal statements and potentially touching,” she wrote. “I am sure that, like me, every alarm bell has gone off in your head. I want to assure you that the safety and well-being of our students is not just a priority; it is the foundation upon which our schools operate.”

“So, we are conducting an investigation” is about all the Pierce County Sheriff’s spokesman would say.

“At this time, we cannot release any information about that,” said Sgt. Darren Moss, Jr. “We have not made any arrests. But we are asking parents and people if they know of any other incidents to come forward and let us know.”

Parents say they are waiting for more information, too.  Angela Guga says she has seen nothing alarming in her own child.

“No, so far everything’s been good,” said Guga. “She’s not been saying anything concerning. So, hopefully, yeah, fingers crossed.”

No doubt, a lot of parents are feeling that.

Neither school officials nor Pierce County deputies will tell us the teacher’s gender.  They tell us they are still early in the investigation.

The Peninsula School District has hired an outside crisis communications firm to field reporters’ questions.

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