Kent police: Please don’t move homemade explosives around

KENT, Wash. — The Kent Police Department sent out a dire warning on Monday, warning anyone, if they have explosive devices, to not move those homemade explosives around.

The warning came after a man found something that he thought was a bomb last week.

He decided to move it to a local business in Kent because he thought someone there could have helped him dispose of it.

“We want to emphatically express to you that this is a HORRIBLE idea,” Kent police said. “Please do not transport explosives by car, on foot, on bike, on horseback or any other way. Please just don’t. Explosives are dangerous, and even the ok ones can become unstable over time.”

According to Kent police, someone at the business called 911, and the bomb squad arrived to disassemble the device.

Devices that are dangerous, according to the Kent Police Department, include:

  • Old military devices that contain explosive powder or liquid.
  • Altered fireworks, including fireworks that have been wrapped together.
  • Old fireworks.
  • Anything homemade that has explosive powder or liquid in it.

If you have anything like these items above, Kent police says to call 911. Do not transport and do not pick up.

“We don’t pick them up and neither should you,” Kent police said. “Do what KPD does....decide to keep all your digits and let the experts deal with it.”

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