Kent babysitter arrested after assaulting baby in her care

A Kent babysitter has been arrested after officials said she was caught on camera repeatedly violently assaulting a baby in her care.

Fantaysia Riley, 27, is now facing a second-degree charge of assault of a child.

Court documents show the investigation into Riley began two months ago at her Kent home. That's where authorities say the baby girl she was babysitting endured a month of abuse.

Officials say Riley, who has a 7 month-old child of her own, started babysitting the little girl back in April at her home while the baby's parents worked.

But in May, when the baby was just 3 months old, she started having seizures and stopped breathing.

That's when investigators reviewed the surveillance video inside the home and saw more than a dozen instances of violent behavior in just a month's time.

The investigator outlined what she saw as repeated "hitting" of the baby, "throwing," "shaking," "dropping," and "obstructing her airway."

The prosecutor even wrote, "The defendant's behavior is so egregious any child is in danger around her."

Court documents show a doctor consulting on the case said, "It was only a matter of time before the trauma would have killed the child."

"Just breaks my heart,” said neighbor Carolina Blackburn, who lives down the street. Blackburn, a grandmother, was shaken by the allegations.

“It's the worst thing a person can do to a child. Worst thing,” Blackburn added.

Riley's fiance also lived in the home and was observed with the baby, too. Officials confirm he is still under investigation.

As for the baby, the doctor says she will likely have developmental delays because of brain injury.

Riley, 27, was booked into the King County Jail on July 3. She is being held on a $150,000 bail.

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