John Legend donates $5K to cover Seattle's school lunch debt

Ten-time Grammy winner John Legend has made a $5,000 donation to help cover meal debts for public school students across Seattle.

The donation was made over the weekend to a Go Fund Me website set up by Seattle resident, Jeffery Lew.

Lew had set up the account 3 weeks ago and it had gone on to gather huge community support.

Lew said at first he had no idea who this person was who had made the biggest donation from a single donor.

The donation was made under the name John Stephens.

Lew then showed it to his wife, who recognized that might be the birth name of one of her favorite performers.

“She was a big fan of John Legend and his wife Chrissy Teigen so she’s like oh my God I think that’s John Legend,” says Lew. “I was like no way it can be him.”

Lew then emailed John Stephens to asked if he was indeed John Legend.

“Sure enough in 10 minutes, I got an email from John Legend himself with the subject line “Yes it’s me,” says Lew. “And I was like floored!”

Lew thanked Legend via Twitter.

In response to Lew’s Twitter message thanking him, Legend posted this. “My pleasure, we should we have free lunch for all of our public students.”

And Lew later found out through social media that Legend, on the same day, also donated another $5000 to help pay for medical treatment for a young girl in Cleveland.

“He’s a very generous man,” says Lew. I respect him. He inspires me.”

Lew wrote on his GoFundMe page:

As of May 9, 2017, the total school lunch debt at my child's school is $97.10. My first goal is to have that paid off. The second goal is to help pay off the school lunch debt for the entire Seattle Public Schools district.

Many children depend on a nutritious lunch to help them through their school day. Per the 2015-16 report by Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction for Washington State, 36% of Seattle Public School District students are on free or reduced-price meals. This is based on parents filling out meal applications. If a child is unable to pay for their meal, a debt has started. Families will receive an invoice from the school district to pay the debt.

There is another GoFundMe page to cover lunch debt at Everett schools.

MyNorthwest.com contributed to this report.