Investigators in Snohomish County dealing with 3 shooting cases in days, 2 fatal

SNOHOMISH COUNTY, Wash. — Investigators in Snohomish County are dealing with three different shootings that occurred over three days — two of which were fatal.

On Monday night, KIRO 7 learned that one of the suspects in the shootings is tied to a murder that occurred in Skagit County.

On Saturday, the 22-year-old suspect allegedly shot and killed a man in a quarry near Granite Falls.

A witness told police that just before 11 a.m., his 27-year-old companion got into a brief verbal argument with a man he did not know. Then, the stranger pulled out a weapon and fired multiple times. That suspect was found driving a double trailer dump truck just miles away and was arrested.

Prosecutors told KIRO 7 that the suspect in this case — Finley Hilde — is also the suspect in a homicide out of Burlington.

Authorities believe the two cases happened just a day apart and that Hilde knew the victim in Burlington.

However, detectives could not find any connection to the Granite Falls victim, who on a GoFundMe page has been identified as Jordan Hurtado.

Following Saturday’s fatal shooting, a roadblock was set up, and using surveillance video, deputies tied Hilde and a truck he was believed to be driving to the scene of the crime.

While that case is just getting started, a GoFundMe page has been set up for an Everett mother killed in a home invasion on Friday.

“This is just a shameless act. You know, who think you go to sleep, wake up and lose your wife,” said Makara Sok, the victim’s husband.

Irah Sok, the victim, owned a Mill Creek photography studio that only opened this past January.

“To think that someone may have eyed ... her valuable possession. And to think that it’s OK to invade her peace. I can’t walk that shoes,” said Aileen Lapuz, Sok’s cousin.

Also, there’s the case where authorities are searching for a shooter who left a man with life-threatening injuries on Sunday.

Witnesses told deputies that the victim and the suspect were involved in an altercation on Admiralty Way prior to the shooting.

The suspect was seen fleeing from the scene on foot.

Following these incidents, KIRO 7 looked into the overall crime statistics in Snohomish County and found that homicides, robberies and assaults have all substantially increased over the past year.