• Inslee testifies on climate change in front of Congress, hoping emphasis will help presidential run

    By: John Knicely


    Gov. Jay Inslee testified before the House Energy and Commerce Committee about climate change Tuesday morning, and afterward he broke down his message.

    "There's a heck of a lot more jobs fighting climate change than there is in denying it," Inslee said. 

    The governor also called for an end to the filibuster rule in the U.S. Senate that would allow a Republican-controlled Senate to stop climate change legislation.

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    Inslee believes his climate change priority sets him apart from other Democratic presidential hopefuls.

    "I'm the only candidate saying this has to be the first, foremost, paramount duty of the United States and that is necessary because if it's not job one, it won't get done," Inslee said. 

    We specifically asked Tuesday if it's enough to get him into the first Democratic presidential debate in June.

    "Yes, this is resonating.  It's resonating because young people are demanding it," Inslee said. 

    There are two ways to get into the debate. One way is for a candidates to reach 1 percent support in three reputable polls.

    KIRO 7 looked at where Inslee sits in five national polls of Democratic voters done in the last two weeks-- in three polls he came in at 1 percent, and in two polls he came in at zero percent.

    The other way to get into the first debate is to collect contributions from at least 65,000 donors, with a minimum of 200 donors in at least 20 states.

    "This is a generation that gets it and they're going to come to the polls.  In Iowa, polls show it's the No. 1 priority for Democratic voters tied with healthcare," Inslee said. 

    Inslee is banking on climate change to carry him.

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