• Homeowner: Peeping Tom caught on video in backyard with pants down

    By: Michael Spears


    SEATTLE - Police are searching for a person who a Seattle homeowner said was captured on security cameras lurking around his Wallingford backyard, pants down, peeping into windows for about 45 minutes last Saturday night.

    The homeowner, who didn’t want to be identified, told KIRO 7 that his wife was home at the time, first with friends, then alone, as the man moved around their backyard in the dark.

    "This video is so creepy!" he said. "I thought it was the cat and then it dissolved into this creepy dude's face, it was like a horror movie."

    The homeowner said the man showed up around 8:30 p.m. to his house located several blocks from John Stanford International Elementary School.

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    “His pants are down,” said the homeowner. "He's definitely touching himself."

    The homeowner said he wasn’t there at the time and didn’t notice what his cameras captured until the next day. The video apparently shows the man closing a back door and at one point mouthing inaudible words.

    "You see him pulling something closed and you hear a click,” said the homeowner. “He was closing the door to my back porch. So, he was either inside or had gone up and opened the door."

    Seattle police confirmed to KIRO 7 they’ve launched a voyeurism investigation but wouldn’t release additional details. 

    The Wallingford homeowner said he shared the video online and a neighbor said she had recently spotted the man too.

    "They were like, ‘he was looking through my windows and I asked him what’s up? And he asked me how to get to Safeway,” said the Homeowner. “Who knows what he's going to do to the next house.”

    Other Wallingford neighbors, like Allison Bay, said she’s worried about her children’s safety.

    "Oh, it's terrifying,” said Bay. “I have three boys at home.”

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