Group of 10 masked teenage boys hold up several Ballard gas stations

SEATTLE — As a rash of teen crime continues, a clerk at a Ballard store is the latest victim to report being robbed by teenagers.

At 1:22 a.m. Friday, Seattle Police officers were dispatched to a gas station convenience store in the 5700 block of 15th Avenue Northwest around eight blocks south of Ballard High School.

The clerk told officers that eight to 10 masked teenage boys entered the store. Three were armed with handguns.

The suspects stole money, merchandise, and the clerk’s wallet before leaving in several vehicles before officers arrived.

Seattle Police said one of the suspect’s cars was later found abandoned by Washington State Patrol.

Friday night is just the latest in what Bobby said is a rash of robberies targeting his and another gas station on 15th Avenue Northwest.

The first happened at a Shell on Holman Rd and 4th Avenue Northwest, on Saturday, Oct. 21.

There a group of masked and armed suspects flooded the store. The clerk fought back and police say one of the suspects tried to shoot but the gun misfired. Footage shows the suspect trying to unjam the gun.

Then, on Thursday the 26th, Bobby said a group cased his store around 5:40 a.m. The employee asked them to remove their masks and the group of four left.

Bobby and the Shell’s owner believe the group immediately went to the Shell and robbed the owner at gunpoint. Two were pointed at him.

The group of four seem to be wearing the same clothes in both security footage.

“I went to the gas station owner. He said, ‘Oh, they came here the same day at 5:50 a.m.’ He shows me the video and I said, ‘That’s the same kids that came to my store,’” Bobby said.

SPD robbery detectives are investigating.

If you have any information about the robbery you’re asked to call the department’s violent crimes tip line at 206-233-5000.