Former inmate sues over violent assault in King County Jail

SEATTLE — A former King County Jail inmate is suing King County and several jail guards after a violent attack inside his cell at the King County Jail.

Toby Meagher was attacked by his cellmate Troy Leae, on July 15,  2018, according to the complaint.

The lawsuit, filed by Meagher, through his mother, claims Meagher feared he was going to be attacked and asked to be moved to a different cell.

The lawsuit claims Leae was a mentally ill "ultra security inmate" with violent tendencies and a history of attacking other inmates. It says Leae should never have been put it in a cell with Meagher, who suffers from schizophrenia and had been transferred from Western State Hospital.

Meagher was in jail for assault.

Geraldine McNamara, Meagher's mother, said she didn't find out her son was attacked until she went to see him four days later.

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"He was kind of carried out by two guards. He could not walk, he could not speak, he could barely open his eyes. His head was split open," McNamara said.

"No one should have placed that man in with my son.I feel they're 100 percent responsible. My son has mental illness and he was waiting for a hearing for an evaluation at the hospital."

The lawsuit claims Meagher suffered long-term mental and physical injuries and is seeking an unspecified amount of damages.

Court documents say Meagher's head was bashed against the steel sink, the inmate stomped on his head and he was beaten beyond recognition. He also suffered a brain injury in the attack, according to the lawsuit.

"The mental illness seems to be stronger. He seems to struggle a bit more, his speech is severely effected," said Teddy Meagher, the victim's brother.

Meagher is out of jail and being cared for by family members.

KIRO 7 reached out to King County Jail Administrators for comment and was referred to the King County Prosecutor's Office. KIRO 7 also asked the King County Executive's Office for a response and is still waiting to hear back.