• FBI impersonator robs Seattle business owner

    By: Alison Grande


    Seattle Police are looking for a man who impersonated an FBI agent and stole $128,000 from a Central District business.

    According to the police report the man was wearing a suit and showed what appeared to be an FBI badge to the owner of Red Sea Finance, a business that allows people to wire money. 

    The robbery happened January 25 at 7 p.m., the business was closed but the owner opened the door to the man.

    Once he was inside police say the FBI impersonator asked to see a transaction on a computer. When the business owner became suspicious the robber showed him what appeared to be a search warrant. When the owner questioned him the robber pulled out a handgun and ordered him to open the safe. Investigator say the man stole $128,000. 

    Before he left he locked the man in the back of the business with a lock he brought with him. He also stole the computer that is linked to the surveillance camera. Police think it is possible the man could be connected to a grey Infinity SUV that left the parking lot after the robbery.

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