Father allegedly shoots and kills man in Yakima park to protect his child

A father allegedly shot and killed a man who was accused of trying to endanger his child at the Randall Dog Park in Yakima, according to a release from the Yakima Police Department.

On Sunday, at 2:30 p.m., multiple people called 911 from the park and reported that a man there was acting erratically. The man encountered a father and his child and was accused of trying to endanger the child with his words and actions.

The child’s father told the man to leave him and his family alone, while the family tried to leave the park.

After that didn’t stop the man, the father, a 28-year-old Yakima man, allegedly discharged his gun in self-defense and killed the 22-year-old man, according to the release.

Multiple witnesses supported this statement and the father was released after cooperating with detectives.

Once the investigation is complete, the case will be turned over to the Yakima County Prosecutors Office for a formal decision.