Fans feeling nostalgic as its been 22 years since Seattle’s last All-Star Week

SEATTLE — MLB All-Star Week is a memory in the making for baseball fans and their families. First-timers are here to create new memories while the long-timers are here to relive the old ones.

Twenty-two years ago, the city of Seattle hosted its first All-Star Weekend after an incredible season by the Mariners, who, in 2001 had won 116 games.

Fans like Sean Hermes told us walking around All-Star Village was very nostalgic, “I just remember walking around and seeing all the old-time players, the stadium was fairly new at that time, so it was really cool for us, and I just remember most being with my grandparents and brother walking around.”

Another fan we spoke to told us that the last time she was here, she wasn’t a mom yet and in fact, she had just started dating her now husband, “When it was announced I was a little nostalgic about it and wanted to bring the boys and take it in as a family,” said Jen Milke.

While walking around Play Ball Park Sunday, we stumbled upon a group of young kids playing baseball and eager to tell us about the fun we were having. We later learned that four of these kids were part of a bigger family dynamic.

Tracy Bjork said he came to the last All-Star weekend in 2001 with his wife and four kids. This year he returned with his wife, four grown children, and his seven grandchildren. He told us back then he would have never imagined he’d be here present day with his family in tow like this.

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