Ground stop lifted for Alaska, Horizon airlines after an hour

SEATTLE — A temporary ground stop for all Alaska Airlines and Horizon Airline flights has been lifted and flights have since resumed.

The ground stop was requested by Alaska Airlines after it said it was having issues with an upgrade to its system that calculates weight and balance. This caused at least 150 flights across the country to be delayed.

“I do know that my flight’s delayed which is actually very odd for Alaska,” Janet, a passenger with Alaska Airlines, said. The FAA called the ground stop at the request of Alaska, and it lasted from 7:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.

“FAA had some system outage this morning, but Alaska Airlines is handling it well, very communicative,” Nick, another passenger on an Alaska flight, said. His flight wasn’t impacted.

“It looks like we got a dedicated plane here it’s not coming in from somewhere else, so I think we’ll be good getting out,” Nick said. Garret Hugle also told KIRO 7 that his flight was on time.

“Nothing going on for me it’s on time,” Hugle said. Alaska apologized to customers for the stop and reminded passengers to make sure to check their flight status before coming to the airport.

“I’ve been an Alaska member for years and years, I travel for work, I travel for work so tried and true I follow them, and I feel particularly safe with this airline,” Janet said. The airlines said customers should anticipate some residual delays throughout the day while it catches up.

“I’m here a little bit early so at least we’ve got some time to go through the line and hopefully get some food,” Hugle said.