Everett police say porch pirates using fake Amazon uniforms to steal packages

VIDEO: Porch pirates using new tricks to steal packages

EVERETT, Wash. — As online purchases surge amid national coronavirus worries, Everett police said thieves were resorting to usual tactics to steal packages and gifts.

In Snohomish County, Joshua McFalls is one of the most recent victims.

“It’s gross,” he commented.  “It’s a gross feeling knowing that we have been robbed in daylight with people home.”

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McFalls’ security system video caught a brazen bandit in action.

In less than 60 seconds, the thief not only snagged McFalls’ gifts, but she also stole his sense of safety.

“We have to make sure the doors are locked now… it makes me mad that we have to lock down,” he told KIRO 7.

This holiday season, there’s plenty of outrage to go around.

According to one study, 17% of Black Friday shoppers eventually had one of their packages stolen.

Additionally, the study concluded that 45% of Americans have now been the victim of porch pirates.

In the process, Everett Police said crooks are getting extra creative in their crimes.

Detectives said they’ve seen a spike in thieves masquerading as delivery drivers, complete with fake uniforms.

“Usually if somebody’s delivering a package, they’re putting a package down and walking away empty-handed,” said Det. Danny Rabelos, Everett Police.

In McFalls’ case, there have also been more reports of thieves following after delivery trucks.

“(The suspect) drove by slow, and then she drove by again. It was like she was making little loops,” McFalls said.

More than ever, police stressed that people should schedule package deliveries when they know they will be home.

With more people working from home, police also said that it is also a good time to enlist neighbors’ help to watch out for package theft.