Escaped llama causes drama for King County deputy

KING COUNTY, Wash. — A deputy with the King County Sheriff’s Office had some llama drama on Saturday when one of the stubborn animals blocked traffic east of Duvall on Saturday.

It began when the KCSO Communications Center received a call from a driver who said he couldn’t deliver a package because a llama was standing in the middle of the road.

Deputy Paczosa went to the area and discovered the report had not been a crank call — there was in fact a llama in the road that refused to move.

“Using his de-escalation skills and standing just a tad over spitting distance, Deputy Paczosa was able to sweet talk him into putting on a leash to get him off the road,” KCSO said in a Facebook post.

A short time later, emergency dispatchers got another call, this time from someone reporting their llama had taken off.

“We were happy to reunite the owner back to their furry friend, and the driver was able to deliver the package, most likely ordered through Llama-zon,” KCSO quipped in its post.