• Emphasis patrols on now for Drowsy Driving Awareness Week


    Governor Inslee and the Washington State Patrol are highlighting drowsy driving this week.

    It's blamed more than 100,000 crashes nationwide every year.

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    Troopers will be on the lookout for signs of drowsy or impaired driving this week.

    The state patrol says there are always people on the road who are sleep deprived, which is a threat to the driver’s and other people's safety.

    The governor declared this Drowsy Driving Awareness and Prevention Week.

    In a 5-year stretch ending in 2015, sleep-deprived driving is blamed for 64 crashes and 308 serious injury collisions in Washington State.

    A recent AAA study said drowsy drivers are as dangerous as those who get behind the wheel drunk.

    Five years ago, it was a drowsy driver who killed Linda Burkhardt, who was in Chehalis for Christmas shopping.
    The woman who killed Burkhardt received only a citation and a fine.  Troopers say drowsy drivers can't be arrested like drunken drivers.

    Troopers say if you become tired while driving, get off the road, get coffee and get rest, otherwise you are a risk to yourself and other drivers.

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